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07 June 2006 @ 06:23 am
Hi everyone,

I've been battling with various anorexia and compulsive overeating disorder for the past year and a half and I'm here to get better ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

Height: 5'5"
current: 127 lbs
Highest: 133 lbs
Lowest: 84 lbs
Goal: 107 by August 10th ***fingers crossed

I look forward to supporting one another in our journeys!!
04 June 2006 @ 05:21 pm
Due to extreme medical issues, including being in a wheelchair now, I am no longer allowed to do many aerobic programs and I'm selling some of my stuff on ebay. There are no reserve fees and everything starts at around $.01 or $1.00. I hope this post is allowed and doesn't offend. Thanks.
Hey all!
I thought this may be of interest to some people? I’ve been inspired and have decided to create my own community. Basically an allergy friendly, intolerance friendly,specialist diet friendly community specialising in recipes that are:

Dairy free, Egg free, Gluten-free, Nut Free, Rice Free, Sugar Free, Soy Free, Nightshade veggie free, Seafood free, vegan, vegetarian, and recipes low in: Salicylates, Amines & Glutamate. (I will be adding to this list)

Click here to see its profile: http://community.livejournal.com/special_recipes/profile


01 June 2006 @ 08:23 pm
Hi, I'm new, (i think this comunity is as well...
Anyways, I've been trying to get healthy for a long time now, and I'm off to camp for the summer on July 3rd, I'm trying really hard to shed some pounds before then, so uhm righting down everying i eat/exersize hopefully will be an inspiration!
I struggled with bullemia in the past and ever since i've gotten over it my body hasn't really adjusted, im not quite sure whats wrong with me, but my food doesnt always want to stay down...Ah well.
My stats,
i'm 5'3, 142 pounds, my goal before i leave is 133, it's not 100% realistic, but im going to try! anyways, today i ate...
1pc rye toast
1bowl veggie+ noodle soup(seemed pritty healthy)
broccolie+ snow peas
1/4 cup of pasta?
1 chicken breast
salad w/ oil+vinigar dressing
and about 8 glasses of water.
45 min run,+ resistance training.

Thanks, good luck everyone!
17 May 2006 @ 04:02 pm
So I slacked for a couple days. :/

1/2 Blueberry bagel + Trader Joes Cream cheese
5-10 baked potato chips
Glass of water

Bagel Grilled Munester Cheese
~15 french fries (frozen kind)
1 pack gushers (I had a childhood craving :) )
Glass of water

(2 small BM)

Afternoon snack:
1 glass water

Thus far... I'll edit later today to include dinner.
16 May 2006 @ 10:40 am
Hi Everyone. I'm new here, and this is my first post. I'm reading "Fat Women Don't Get Fat" and I like what the author has to say about losing weight. I'm not overweight, so it's not serious for me, just a few vanity pounds. Anyways, the first step is recording everything I eat everyday, so hopefully you'll be seeing a lot of posts from me.

My Stats:
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"
Current Weight: 122 lbs
BMI: 21.6
Short Goal Weight: 110 lbs
Long Term: ?

What I've eaten today:
-a slim fast
-a quarter of a veggie and hummus roll I couldn't finish cause it was gross
-11 or so wheat thins
-6 wheat thins with peanut butter
-one small orange

i'll update throughout the day, this is only what i've eaten by 10:47 AM (gross i know, but i'm trying to improve!!!)
14 May 2006 @ 09:36 am
Why do my comfort foods have to be in&out and coldstone ?

...and why do they have to taste so good, but be so horribly bad for me. :/
13 May 2006 @ 10:41 am
hi i JUST joined
ive has IBS for a while now
and in the begining i lost about 50lbs
which is GOOD for me because i am overwheight
but ive gained it all back and i am very unhappy
eating and weighing less hels my IBS (and over all health duh)
i am exersizing when i can
i just cant seem to lose weight...
i cant stop eating~!!

this community makes me very happy!

thank you.

nikki rae
nice to meet you.
Current Mood: crankycranky
12 May 2006 @ 10:20 pm
Food Log, Friday May 12

9am: Homemade Yogurt-Cream-graham cracker Sandwiches

10am: Eggs and hashbrowns + 8oz water

1pm: In & OutMeal + 1 Reese Pieces Cup

4pm - some tummy cramps (pain scale: 3)

5pm: A couple yogurt-cream graham cracker sandwiches

16 oz water

7pm: Morning star starter chicken + pasta roni
1 ginger ale
(2 reese cups for dessert!)
12 May 2006 @ 02:15 pm
Welcome to Bloated Bellys!

I'm Alli, I'm the moderator here. I manage this community as well as ibs_diary I've been diagnosed with: Irritable Bowel Syndrome-C, Panic Disorder ,and Agoraphobia. I'll make an "Official" intro post about me later.

Onto Community Info!

This is a community created for people with any sort of digestive disorder that are finding they are having a difficult time staying healthy.

I'd love to see this community be used as a place for you to vent about your struggles, maintain a food log, seek out encouragment/accountability, and ask questions. Number one rule: Respect your peers - No "ahh! I can't believe you ate that!" or any judgements of the sort. I want this to be a loving & safe community.

If you join, go ahead and post introducing yourself. Try to include your: name, age, disorder, struggles you face, some information about yourself. :)

I look foward to meeting you all!